Unix/Linux System Administrator
george elgin 859-781-8028

In conjunction with information contained in my resume I would like to outline specifics of system administration activity I have undertaken which may or may not appear in the chronological resume for reasons of scope, duration etc.

Under Solaris I have done several apache installs. The most detailed of these included installation, and configuration of both Mysql, and Php (before that mod_perl). The last required extensive customization of php to correctly support phpMyAdmin, and security issues. Similiarly i have installed those tools on several RedHat linux Fedora Core sites.

In terms of mail servers some customizations to exim (on a RH enterprise box) to support RBL (realtime black list) so as to reject spam for that domain. I also have configured various milters for sendmail configurations with RBLs, and other spam fighting tools under RedHat Fedora Core Linux installations. Lately postfix has proved superior to sendmail, along with mailscanner gui, and spamasassin wrappers.

For database work I have used mysql, oracle, and sybase. In addition to sql skills I am quite capable of installing or upgrading these databases on any unix system. I also could handily participate in a data migration effort from one database onto another. This might involve something sophisticated like perl with DBI programming, or maybe a straight export import scheme via flatfiles.

Proficient administrator in other Unix Operating Systems'. Typically I use their Motif (GUI) proprietary tools for example HP-UX's sam, and AIX's smit. Then fall back to command line administration such as pkgadd (solaris), rpm (linux), and update (HP-UX). I use the GUI Administration tools (depending on which unix) for less common tasks such as add/delete users, printers etc.

For passwd administration I have done yp/NIS administration for larger domains of users. This would include things like maintenance of LDAP and setting up DNS caching or secondary servers. Included in my perveyance has been reconfiguring kernel parameters to support custom software requirements. In general I am very fluent in tools like perl and Make to build and install open source software/tools.

Configuration of network and local disk storage. In addition to partitioning disks, I have done 2 samba server installations, and configured nfs mounts in a variety of server/client architectures. Performance, and configuraton monitoring using tools such as dig, iostat, netstat, nfsstat, nslookup, vmstat and os specific tools like hp-ux's glance are commonly in my toolchest.